Friday, January 20, 2012

Books, man. That's where it's at.

Books. I LOVE books. If I'm at a store that has even the smallest shelf of books, the chances are, I'm coming home with a book(or two or three).
Starting this year I made it a goal to read lots and lots of books. I didn't really put a number on it, but yeah, A LOT.
Lately I'll just go to Panera with the bff and sit and read. It's amazing.
Just yesterday I went to the book sale at my library and oh. my. goodness. I was giddy with joy. That's my kind of event. I found a Dumas from 1894. 1894!!!!! I'm happy.
I can lose myself in a book so easily. It's probably my favorite pastime.
These pictures are all the books that Ashlei, Talia, and myself got at the book sale yesterday. Crazy right???

Playing with the exposure.

Like I said....Books, man. It's where it's at. Get on the train.

P.S. I went to Barnes and Noble tonight and yeah I bought two more books. It might actually become a problem.


  1. Books, man...
    I love the pictures!!!! I LOVE BOOKS

  2. oh yeah. it's totally where it's at. man.

    I loved our finds!! yay books! (again!)
    now, if only I could find a bookshelf.....