Monday, January 23, 2012

Trains, police officers, and my bff

Yesterday was pretty awesome. Church was amazing. I loved the sermon. I loved our Sunday school class. It was all great.
After church, Ashlei and I went and got Subway and talked about what we wanted to do next. We decided to go out to the railroad tracks and take the pictures for my photography project. It was the perfect setting and Ashlei was amazing for letting me use her as much subject. She was perfect for it. And she dressed for it too!
This is one of the many photos I took that day.
She's looks great right?
And the train? Love it.

Funny story about this day though is that the whole time we were out there we were joking about how it was probably illegal to be climbing around on the train and that we were going to be arrested. haha
Well low and behold, I look over to where our cars were parked and I see flashing lights. Uh oh. So we're probably about a quarter mile away from our cars and we run all the way back! We're freaking out that we're gonna get tickets(and with my record I really can't have that happen). We arrive at our cars out of breathe and hearts racing. The officer is waiting for us and He automatically asks us if we're Lydia and Ashlei.
Great, he knows our names. Then he says that he was about ready to call George(my dad) and Jeffrey(Ashlei's dad). What in the world??
Well as it turns out, apparently you can't just "abandon" your cars on the side of the road. That was definitely not our intention but that's how he viewed it. So he talked to us about it for awhile and that's about all it amounted to. But wow, we got freaked out. haha. It took us awhile to calm down.
So yes a very eventful day, but it was wonderful. And I got some amazing pictures.
I'm waiting for Ashlei t blog about this as well. She'll be able to tell it better. =)
Have a great night. xoxox


  1. But how did the police know who you were?? Also, great picture! Ashlei is quite lovely and hot.